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Urgent Care to age 26

Monday – Friday 

Monday – Friday
Saturday, Sunday


10 am to 2 pm Appointment ONLY 

5 pm to 10 pm appt & limited walk-in slots available
10 am to 10 pm appt & limited walk-in slots available

Healing Hands, Caring Hearts, Here To Help

to age 26

Monday – Friday 5pm to 10pm
Saturday, Sunday 10am to 10pm

Open 365 Days A Year For You


Our Pediatricians

Our doctors are board certified in pediatrics, and are members of American Academy of Pediatrics.  Our team includes a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit physician, a Neonatologist, a Hospitalist, and physicians with extra training in infectious diseases and child abuse.  We work with a team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants to help us during busy hours.

Connie Kniveton, M.D., F.A.A.P. Medical Director

UCSF Pediatric Residency
UCSF School of Medicine
UCLA Bachelor’s Biology

Dr. Kniveton has cared for children for over 30 years in private practice, public health and urgent care, with expertise in child abuse. We often see children and parents entering the exam rooms frightened and crying, but moments later, leaving with giggles and assurance from Dr. Kniveton’s warm touch.

Dr. Kniveton lives in Fairfield with her husband and two horses Cody and Buttercup. The family enjoys horseback riding, skiing, biking, swimming and hiking. She watercolor paints in her free time. Together with partners in India, her family has built and supports a loving home for abandoned little girls.


Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago Pediatric Residency
Northwestern University School of Medicine
Stanford University Bachelor’s Degree

Dr. Fung is one of our fittest physicians, regularly running in races, even after a busy patient schedule. As soon as he walks into an exam room, the patient and parents feel at ease with his casual manner. After their exam, they leave feeling confident that Dr. Fung has taken excellent care of them.

Stanford University & New York Medical College Pediatric Residency
St. George’s University, Grenada School of Medicine
UC Berkeley Bachelor’s Degree

Dr. Husaini is a Bay Area native. She enjoys traveling and outdoor activities, along with caring for her young children. She has a passion for international medicine and has served in Ghana, El Salvador and American Samoa. She is fluent in Spanish and Urdu.

Dr. Husaini loves her work as a pediatrician and is always guaranteed to smile, even after the busiest winter shift!

Pediatric Critical Care: UCSF and Oakland Children’s Hospital
Northwestern University Children’s Memorial Hospital Pediatric Residency
University of Texas, Houston School of Medicine
Southern Methodist University Bachelor’s Degree

Dr. Stuart has been with us for over ten years, in addition to her work as a Pediatric Intensive Care pediatrician at Stanford University and UCSF. While skilled at treating the sickest children in our country, she truly enjoys her work with us where she can see children recover quickly from common childhood illnesses.

She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two daughters. She cares about children worldwide and volunteers in Nicaragua as part of a team repairing congenital heart defects. In her free time, she enjoys sports especially open-water swimming.

North Valley Indian Health Children’s Center Lead Physician Private Practice in Chico, California Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Pediatric Residency UCLA School  of Medicine University of Notre Dame Bachelor’s Degree. Dr. “Pat” is one of our most experienced pediatricians. He is one of our students’ favorite mentors and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He lives part-time in Chico and Foster City with his wife Shelley. Pat and his wife enjoy spending time with their 3 children and 7 grandchildren.Though he loves to work as a pediatrician, he also enjoys gardening, reading and decorating with Shelley.
New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine Pediatric Residency
New York Medical College Dr. Mallya has worked as a pediatrician for over 15 years. She enjoys urgent care the most and also works shifts for UCSF in their urgent care clinic. She’s an avid reader and stays up to date on the current and best treatment for children. Her students thrive under her mentorship and she enjoys teaching them. While not working, she’s busy chasing and teaching her young school age daughter.
Rigas Stradina Universitate Medicinas Fakultate Dr. Katsnelson came from a scientific family in Latvia, where her mother was a very well-known professor of medicine. Dr. Katsnelson followed in her footsteps.  Her brother works at a scientific lab.  While she spends most of her time in Primary Care, she enjoys the excitement of our busy clinic and always loves seeing our beautiful patients.

Our Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

“Beth” Joined our team in 2020 to help during the Covid pandemic.  Her main job now is to care for her 4 spunky children.  She is blessed with a 6 y.o. Daughter, twin 4 y.o. girls, and a 1 y.o son.  Beth is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

UCSF Nursing Instructor

Caralisa joined our team in 2020 to help during the Covid pandemic.  Her gentle spirit flows to her patients as she gently swabs little throats and noses for Covid and other germs.  Carlisa will be working at Stanford Children in the surgery department.

While Laura is one of our newest Nurse Practitioners, she is also one of our most experienced NPs, having cared for children from SF to Menlo Park for over 20 years. She is the Manager of our Covid vaccine program when she’s not busy doing what most mothers are doing during the pandemic–overseeing the studies and activities of her children.

We are a family-friendly children’s urgent care and minor emergency center in downtown San Mateo

For over 20 years, we have provided pediatric urgent medical care to babies, children and young adults from San Mateo, Burlingame, Millbrae, San Bruno, San Carlos, Belmont, Redwood City, and Foster City.  The clinic is staffed by Board Certified pediatricians, is easy to find, and has parking right outside the door.

Our clinic is open for Urgent Care after hours when your child’s doctor is unavailable.  We recommend you make an appointment so we can prepare for your arrival, please fill out all the forms and upload your insurance information. We have a limited number of walk-in spots each night.

Questions & Answers

A: We treat Urgent Care patients from birth to age 26.  If we are very busy, we give younger children priority and may ask the young adult to be seen in Adult Urgent Care.

A: You should come to After Hour Pediatrics if your child requires urgent care when your pediatrician or primary care physician’s office is closed.  We are a convenient and affordable alternative to the Emergency Room.  If the injury or illness is life-threatening, you should go to the nearest hospital.

We are open 365 days a year, Monday-Friday 5pm -10pm and Weekends/Holidays 10am-10pm.

If you are in doubt about whether to come and visit us please call us at 650-579-6581

A: The typical visit requires 30 -60 minutes depending on the services you need.  If you need lab tests, breathing treatments or a procedure performed, you may be in the office for longer.  During surge of illnesses or patients with emergencies, wait times can be longer.

For Urgent Care,  you can “Save a Spot” or drop in.  We see walk in patients in the order that they arrive with exceptions for critically ill children or those at high-risk.  We do our best to see “Saved Spots” on time, and always leave openings for walk in patients.

  • We believe sick or injured children should be seen by a pediatrician.  Other urgent care facilities may have pediatric rooms or areas designated for children, but they are not staffed with clinicians who have specialized training in pediatrics.
  • We are ideally located in downtown San Mateo, 10 minutes from San Francisco airport.
  • We offer free parking right outside our front door.
  • We are child friendly, caring, compassionate and gentle.
  • We will work with your child’s primary physician, informing them about your visit and ensuring they are fully briefed about your child’s medical situation as soon as possible.
  • We are independently run so you can talk to us about financial pressures.  We might be able to help.

Parents Are Talking About Us

Parents Are Talking About Us